This unique website - the result of an ongoing collaboration between Kingston University and Kingston Museum in the United Kingdom - aims to provide a definitive research resource surrounding the work of 19th Century photographer Eadweard Muybridge.

Here you can find out about all known physical collections of Muybridge's work housed in cultural organisations around the world; as well as selected collections of rare books published by Muybridge during his lifetime.

You can also gain an introduction to Muybridge and the diverse body of work he produced throughout his lifetime by exploring our image portfolio - chosen from the wealth of Muybridge material bequeathed to Kingston Museum by Muybridge himself.

Alongside the images in this section are commentaries based in existing research on Muybridge. These give an overview of the significance of Muybridge's photographic and zoopraxographic work in relation to the rapidly changing social, political and cultural landscape of the 19th century.

For a more free-flowing set of links between Muybridge's biography, historical and cultural events, you can also take a look at our comparative timelines page, which sets out a spatial network of key events in the 19th Century alongside a chronology of Muybridge's life.